Monon Town Job Openings - February 05, 2018

Monon has two laborer positions open.  Applications available at Town Hall.  Return by ... [more...]

Frozen pipes - December 29, 2017

Leaving water slowly dripping and/or leaving sink cabinet doors open MAY help prevent frozen pipes! [more...]

Monon Credit Card Payment - September 08, 2017

Monon is now accepting credit card payment for Monon water/sewer/trash utility bills.  See towno... [more...]



The Town of Monon is accepting applications for two laborer positions.  Applications can be picked up at the Town Hall and must be returned to the Town Hall by February 16, 2018. 



To report after-hours water / sewer emergencies such as broken pipes, call White County Dispatch 800 676-7103 or Monon Police 219 253-8414.  They will contact our Superintendent and utility crew.  DO NOT open the water meter pit!  Doing so can cause damage to the meter and water main and the cost of repair is the resident's responsibility.

By Town ordinance every residence is required to have an accessible water shut-off valve within the home.  

During extremely cold weather leaving water running slowly and leaving sink cabinet doors open MAY help prevent frozen pipes!


This wonderful message was recently posted on this website!

"Last Sunday afternoon I came through your downtown as I was traveling from, Michigan to my home in Greencastle, Indiana. I have always loved your community and I was just amazed at how beautiful your downtown area looked with all of the beautiful pink wave petunias along in front of your businesses. It was such a beautiful sight and I wanted to thank you for all the work your community and businesses have put into showing the pride you have in your downtown and the beauty you are sharing with travelers. Your hard work certainly is deserving of a fellow Hoosier traveler. Thank you for making America Beautiful." Denise Sigworth



Water/Sewer/Trash utility bills are issued on the first and due the fifteenth of each month.   Prompt payment of your water bills is greatly appreciated! The printing and mailing of late notices contributes to the overall operational costs of the Utilities Department. Paying on time saves the Town money and helps you avoid penalty charges!



Our Monon Clerk-Treasurer is a Notary Public and will notarize documents free of charge at the Town Hall.  Call 219 253-6441.



Water / sewer / sanitation bills are mailed on the first of the month and are due on the fifteenth.  After the due date, penalty charges are added to the amount of the bill.  Approximately one week prior to the end of the month late notices are mailed to those having a delinquent balance.  If the bill is not paid by the first of the following month the residence is subject to water shut-off.

Accounts are reviewed and on the first of the month a "disconnect" list is created.  The crew is sent to homes to disconnect water at the meter.  When the bill is paid the water is re-connected.  A re-connect charge of $25.00 is added to each account on the disconnect list to help cover the cost of man-hours put into the lengthy delinquent account process.

You can avoid penalty and re-connect charges by paying your utility bills on time!  Prompt payment is greatly appreciated!!!



Door-to-door sump pump inspections have begun.  These inspections will identify pumps that may be draining into the wastewater system.  Letters of explanation have been mailed to all residences.

The Monon crew continues to fill pot holes and pick up brush around town.   



Did you know that our Town of Monon won a "Best Tasting Water in Indiana" award? 

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Monon Job Openings

(2/2/2018) Monon is accepting applications for two laborer positions.  Applications are available at the Town Hall.  All applications/resumes must be returned by February 23, 2018.

Monon Town Park Caretaker Position

(1/22/2018) The Monon Town Council is now accepting resumes for the position of Park Caretaker.  This job is active from April 1 to October 31, 2018.  Complete job description is available at the Monon Town Hall.  Please send resumes to Park Position, To...

Paving Grant

(9/22/2017) The many hours of work put into applying for a Community Crossings Grant has paid off!!!  Monon has been awarded $130,000. to be used for street paving.  Work will begin late fall (weather permitting) or next spring.